Vintage asian porn – “Apocalypse Climax 2”

Name: Apocalypse Climax 2

Year: 1995

Language: French

Duration: 70 min

Director: Nic Cramer

Country: United States

Actress: Melissa Hill,Tammi Ann,Anita Blond,Laura Palmer,Agnes Tilli,Barbara Molat,Nicolette Fauludi,Linda Moore

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Actors: Yves Baillat,Jon Dough,Kyle Stone,Frank Gun,Ian Daniels,Frank Towers,Damien Michaels

The mysterious Colonel Flurtz (Melisa Hill) has control of the most powerful weapon known to man "Apocalypse Climax". The US army knows this and attempts to definitively immobilise the Colonel’s unit by sending Captain Shane Willbiehardt (John Dough) who will come face to face with "The final ecstasy". His mission is packed with action, beautiful nymphomaniacs and insatiable alies, all in the purest Private style.


Vintage asian porn : “Dr. Strange Sex”

Name: Dr. Strange Sex

Director: Paul Vatelli

Country: United States

Year: 1985

Duration: 134 min

Language: English

Actress: Kristara Barrington,Lois Ayers,Gina Carrera,Melanie Scott,Diva Wolf

Actors: Billy Dee,Kevin James,Jerry Butler,Bill Margold,Nick Random

Categories: Vintage asian porn, 1985, United States, English, Paul Vatelli, Kristara Barrington, Lois Ayers, Gina Carrera, Melanie Scott, Diva Wolf, Billy Dee, Kevin James, Jerry Butler, Bill Margold, Nick Random, Facial, Bald, Swallow, Black, Asian

When a horny atomic scientist (Dr. Michael Andrews) gets too big for his pants, the Pentagon sends him to a Brazilian resort to cool down his overheated proton gun. Accompanied by a Service agent (Jack Phillips), the two of them start a chain reaction of nuclear nookies in Dr. Strange Sex. However, the KGB has a weapon to trap this fun loving physicist – a tantalizing Russian agent named Karina who soon gets the good doctor’s energy partials flying.


Sunset Thomas – Vintage asian porn

Sunset Thomas - Vintage asian porn

Name: Blow Job Baby

Country: United States

Year: 1993

Duration: 79 min

Director: Tony Vincent

Language: English

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Randy West,Marc Wallace

Actress: Sunset Thomas,Krista,Chelsea Lynx,Kelli Thomas

Categories: Vintage asian porn, Sunset Thomas, 1993, United States, English, Tony Vincent, Sunset Thomas, Krista, Chelsea Lynx, Kelli Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Randy West, Marc Wallace, Facial, Anal, Asian

Sunset Thomas - Vintage asian porn

Patty Rhodes takes a look at oral sex, Kelli Thomas style, in her latest classic "Blow Job Baby." It’s about a girl who loves head…craves it…needs it…and the lengths she’ll go to get it. (We love that in a girl!) Blow Job, Baby? Blow Job Baby! From your orally-oriented friends at Coast to Coast.


Kaitlyn Ashley ass in “Brassiere To Eternity”

Name: Brassiere To Eternity

Year: 1994

Director: Mitch Spinelli

Duration: 113 min

Language: English

Country: United States

Categories: Kaitlyn Ashley ass, 1994, United States, English, Mitch Spinelli, Kaitlyn Ashley, Isis Nile, Kitty Yung, Juli Ashton, Melissa Hill, Misty Rain, Bianca Trump, Shelby Stevens, Lana Sands, Sahara Sands, Sindee Coxx, Kaylan Nicole, Krista, Tina Tyler, Marilyn Martyn, Valeria, Chayse Manhattan, Jasper, Brooke Ashley, Zumira, Atlanta Rizzen, Melanie Brooks, Bald, Lesbian, Latin, Asian


Actress: Kaitlyn Ashley,Isis Nile,Kitty Yung,Juli Ashton,Melissa Hill,Misty Rain,Bianca Trump,Shelby Stevens,Lana Sands,Sahara Sands,Sindee Coxx,Kaylan Nicole,Krista,Tina Tyler,Marilyn Martyn,Valeria,Chayse Manhattan,Jasper,Brooke Ashley,Zumira,Atlanta Rizzen,Melanie Brooks