Nude classic italian sex celebrity in “Doppio Gioco 2”

Name: Doppio Gioco 2

Language: Italian

Duration: 26 min

Director: Giorgio Grand

Year: 1987

Country: Italy

Actors: Roberto Malone

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Actress: Tracey Adams,Joy Karins

In 1987 there was a multi-part softcore erotic seria on Italian TV, called "Doppio Gioco", starring many famous p-stars like Tracey Adams or Joy Karin’s.As I understand it, they also made some hardcore scenes; excluded of course on TV, but later joined to a full hardcore movie (English Title: "Double Game").Came recently across a copy on the web. It has been obviously a vhs-copy, quality rather poor. Furthermore, if it has really been released as a full movie, the editor/cutter was on stuffs, I’m sure. Sometimes scenes start in the middle of the action or end abruptly.Anyway, I edited all the Joy Karin’s-bits out and joined them afterwards to one big file. So if you get irritated by the strange changes of scenes inbetween, don’t blame me for that.


Annabel Chong porn – “Annabel Chong Anal Queen”

Name: Annabel Chong Anal Queen

Year: 1994

Country: United States

Director: John T. Bone

Duration: 72 min

Language: English

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Actress: Melanie Moore,Annabel Chong,Marilyn Martyn,Umma

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Tom Byron,Marc Wallace,Rick O’Shea,Derrick Taylor

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