Classic latina porn : “Lust Letters”

Name: Lust Letters

Language: English

Year: 1986

Duration: 164 min

Country: United States

Director: Justin Star

Actress: Ebony Ayes,Nina DePonca,Blondie Bee,Elle Rio,Sade,Jasmine

Actors: Tom Byron,Frank James,Blake Palmer,Tony Montana,Jessie Eastern

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Video Teresa Orlowski ? 7003.


Vintage black porn videos : “This Dick For Hire”

Name: This Dick For Hire

Year: 1991

Duration: 92 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: DiNapoli

Actress: Ebony Ayes,Aja,Cheri Taylor

Categories: Vintage black porn videos, 1991, United States, English, DiNapoli, Ebony Ayes, Aja, Cheri Taylor, Rick Savage, Ray Love, Black

Actors: Rick Savage,Ray Love

Probably taped over a year ago, this New York production seems to have had an amnesia bug on the set.Aja keeps forgetting her Russian accent.Rick Savage keeps forgetting to talk like Bogie and the director keeps forgetting the story.The alleged plot as it progresses during the few second breaks between sex scenes has to do with a missing person and a big reward.My only reward for watching this tape is the always great Cheri Taylor.With the figure of a 20 year-old and the sex drive of a lioness in heat, she transcends her material and routinely is the sole bright spot among the ladies of many productions.At the other end of the scale, Aja, with the sex drive of a yo-yo, gives new meaning to the word stupefaction.A mixed bag which will please some.


Retro black porn in “Lesbian She Fights”

Name: Lesbian She Fights

Duration: 51 min

Language: English

Country: United States


Year: 1989


Actress: Ebony Ayes,Tasha Voux,Scarlet Scarleau,Stormi,Heather,Jessica Brazen

Categories: Retro black porn, 1989, United States, English, Ebony Ayes, Tasha Voux, Scarlet Scarleau, Stormi, Heather, Jessica Brazen, Black


Brandy Wine nude : “The Washington Affairs”

Name: The Washington Affairs

Country: United States

Language: German

Director: Jack Remy

Duration: 82 min

Year: 1988

Categories: Brandy Wine nude, 1988, United States, German, Jack Remy, Ebony Ayes, Shanna McCullough, Lois Ayers, Bionca, Chanel Price, Brandy Wine, Jean-Pierre Armand, Jon Dough, Randy Spears, Frank James, Sasha Gabor

Actors: Jean-Pierre Armand,Jon Dough,Randy Spears,Frank James,Sasha Gabor

Actress: Ebony Ayes,Shanna McCullough,Lois Ayers,Bionca,Chanel Price,Brandy Wine

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Hyapatia Lee movies in “Hyapatia Lee’s Sexy”

Name: Hyapatia Lee’s Sexy

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Bud Lee

Duration: 86 min

Year: 1986

Actors: Joey Silvera,Billy Dee,Jerry Butler,Jon Martin,Scott Irish,Tony Montana

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Actress: Hyapatia Lee,Ebony Ayes,Blondie Bee,Rosemarie

She’s sexy alright, and licensed to thrill! Hyapatia Lee stars as a sultry sexologist who insists on getting up close and personal with her clients in this scintillating romp from 1986. Hyapatia begins her day by helping a couple get over their fear of oral sex – and by watching the wanton results! But when her jealous hubby calls the office, Hyapatia is chocked up to make a choice. He wants to watch her at work, but she isn’t sure that would be ethical. In the end, she decides to let him peek through a two-way mirror as she dispenses advice and eroticism in dazzling doses. Hyapatia is at her bawdy best, taking on men and women with utter abandon while hubby watches from next door. A voyeur’s delight!


Retro interracial sluts : “Dr. Juice’s Lust Potion”

Name: Dr. Juice’s Lust Potion

Year: 1987

Language: English

Duration: 87 min

Country: United States

Director: Jack Van Owen

Actors: Mike Horner,Joey Silvera,Randy West,Billy Dee,Ed Navarro,Jon Martin

Categories: Retro interracial sluts, 1987, United States, English, Jack Van Owen, Ebony Ayes, Shanna McCullough, Candie Evens, Melissa Melendez, Cindy James, Chelsea Ray, Oh Suzannah, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera, Randy West, Billy Dee, Ed Navarro, Jon Martin, Interracial, Black, Latin

Actress: Ebony Ayes,Shanna McCullough,Candie Evens,Melissa Melendez,Cindy James,Chelsea Ray,Oh Suzannah

Here we have the very nice (but dumb) Dr Juice, who is his wisdom creates a "lust potion", now a little goes a very long way, as in all adult movies, bigger is better, so anyone who try’s the potion loses all inhibitions and the rest is history, not a bad film, yet not brilliant, worth a look just for the fun of it.


Hairy lesbian vintage – “Charlie’s Girls”

Name: Charlie’s Girls

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Ron Jeremy

Year: 1989

Duration: 88 min

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Ray Victory,Francois,Darryl Edwards,Johnny Cool

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Actress: Ebony Ayes,Nina DePonca,Kascha,Lauryl Canyon,Brandy Wine

Do opposites attract? In this interracial episode they do! White women, who just can’t help themselves from craving a big black man, get all that their wet dreams could ask for! When black and white mix the result – hot pink! Yea! Hot pink that bumps and grinds slippery sweet soaked bodies straining every glistening muscle, from one rippling explosion to the next.